About Kids Privacy

Today, kids are growing up in a wired world. The choices they make online are as important as the choices they make in the real world. The best way parents can help their kids avoid mistakes and lead a healthy digital life is by talking with them early and often about how to share smart and stay safe online. KidsPrivacy is full of tips and scripts for parents on how to talk with their children about protecting their personal information, managing their digital profiles, achieving digital balance in their lives, building healthy relationships online and staying safe and secure online.

anne head shotIn 2011, Anne Livingston founded KidsPrivacy. She created this blog to share information and resources with others parents on raising kids in a digital world. Her articles have been featured on many parenting and security software company websites. In 2012, she founded the company MyDigitalMe LLC that provides parenting guides and presentations to PTAs and parents about online privacy and tips for managing digital families. In 2014, she released her first book, Talking Digital: A Parent’s Guide for Teaching Kids How to Share Smart and Stay Safe Online, available on Amazon. Currently, Anne is the Digital Parenting Expert for Familoop, parental control software that protects and manages a family’s digital life.

Anne has a JD from Boston College and a BS from the University of Washington. Before kids, she worked in the environmental field. Now, she writes about her own digital family which consists of 3 kids, 3 laptops, 4 phones, 1 game console and 1 iPod Touch

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