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As my kids google Susan B. Anthony or watch a youtube video on the lattice method, I wonder how we ever got along without the internet.   Then my tween begs for a facebook page, my little one asks to join an online pet club, and my other child wants to download more apps on my phone.  Now I am feeling overwhelmed and wondering, what can they doing online and should I know more about it?

My kids hopefully are not doing anything horrible online.  But as they write blogs, join a social network, play a game or text a friend, they are building their digital profile.  Adigi tal profile is a picture of them consisting of all of their information available online.   Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google fears kids do not understand the consequences of having so much personal information online.  He warns that young people may one day have to change their names in order to escape their previous online activity.   

Children need to take control of their digital profile.  They can do this by :

  • conducting a search of their name to find out what  is online
  • considering carefully what to share online
  • choosing who sees their posts by utilizing privacy controls
  • calling for help if they have problems

I developed KidsPrivacy to assist parents in understanding and managing their child’s digital profile.   While researching kids and privacy, I come across many websites and unusual terms.  At “Website 101” , parents can find quick definitions about types of websites and a list of websites popular with kids.    “Words” contains a list of commonly used words and brief definitions.   The “Resources” page contains information on using privacy settings and parenting toolkits.  Once a week, I highlight technology and privacy issues and examine how they relate to kids. 

 If you have any questions or need more information on a subject, please use my “About” page to contact me.


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