Need a baby gift? Domain Name

It is inevitable. Kids will have a digital profile. Some Canadian parents  are taking action by registering their child’s domain name as soon as the birth certificate is filled out. These proactive parents are also reserving their child’s name on facebook by creating a facebook profile.   Companies such as  Give A URL  are capitalizing on this trend and selling framed domain name as gifts.

Although inevitable, I am not rushing to create my children’s digital profile.   If a digital profile is a picture of themselves, they should be involved in creating their own image.   This includes posting pictures, sharing stories and choosing a domain name. 

Before adolescence, kids are too young to answer the question, “who am I”?    It is during adolescence,  kids develop their sense of self and personal identity.  Their digital identity and personal identity should  develop in tandem.  These identities should reflect and support one another.