But I NEED a Facebook profile

 So, your tween wants a facebook account.  Around middle school or earlier your child will begin to express a “need” and I repeat “need” to have a facebook account. Seems harmless enough and for the most part it is but there are a few things you and your child need to discuss. Namely privacy – who and how do people have access to their information.  When I brought up privacy with my tween its immediate effect was a pronounced eye roll.  

 Contrary to her dramatic expression, my tween does not want to live her life on the front page. When asked, she does not want her information available for everyone to see. But it is hard for her to understand the permanence of data and foresee the consequences of over sharing. She wants to control her information but is often baffled by the privacy settings.  

To figure out facebook, I have spent the last month researching including  reading the 5830 word facebook privacy policy.  Note, the constitution is only 4543 words. Based on my research and talking with others, I have developed a quick  guide to some of the questions I had about Facebook such as age restrictions,  privacy settings, removing content and closing a facebook account. If you need more information, I have also included the Commonsense’s Parent Guide to Facebook in my resource section.