Science Fair is over

Sorry, I missed a few weeks of posting. I was coordinating the science fair.  It is now done and I am back .  At least , I am back until spring break next week. I am envisioning a week of quiet, harmonious family time enabling me to work on an article about kids, mobile phone and privacy issues.  We shall see.

During science fair,  the New York Times ran an article on the repercussions of sexting. The story was about a middle school girl who sent a nude photo to her boyfriend. The boyfriend shared the photo with a friend who forwarded the photo on to their entire contact list. The photo spread quickly through 3 middle schools and 1 high school.

I shared this story with my kids and asked them who they thought got in trouble. It was interesting because they all thought it would be the girl who sent the photo. They did not realize the forwarding of the picture was illegal. Interesting article to start the conversation about responsibility to not only protect their own digital profile but their friends as well.