Tell the Kids – New Facebook Privacy Controls

Today, Facebook begins rolling out new privacy controls.  Some of these controls are not new but were buried so deep they were hard to find.   Other controls are new and give people greater control over who can see posts, tags and photos.

When these features have been added to your profile, a prompt for a tour will appear that walks you through the changes. I am still waiting for my prompt so I have not used these new tools. But Facebook has a list of their new controls on the Facebook blog and Facebook’s Help Center .

My one caution is some of these features do not appear to be available for Facebook’s Mobile App. According to the Facebook blog, if posting from a phone or app that does not yet support inline controls, your setting will be the same as it is today. To choose a different privacy setting for the mobile site, you will have to go to the full site and apply a customized setting.

If you want more information check out the links above.  In the meantime, here is my quick overview of a few of these features.

Profile Settings up front –  Instead of digging through the settings pages, most of the controls are up front at “Profile Edit”.  Many features also have new names so their function is easier to understand.

Tag Review  – By turning on “Tag Review “, you now can review, approve or reject any tag someone tries to add to your photo or posts.   This new features is under “Manage How Tags Work” section of your privacy settings. For kids under 18, this feature is automatically turned on.

Select Audience for Each Post –  Every time you publish on Facebook, a box will appear that allows you to select who you want to share your post. Facebook calls this the “inline audience selector.”   Facebook says the  drop down menu will be expanding over time to include smaller groups of people.

Change Audience After You Post – You can now change the sharing settings for your own post after it has been published. Previously, you could only select who saw your post when you first published it. Now, you can correct it any time. But once posted, it may have already been read by a wider audience.

Limit Who Can See Old Posts –  This is not a new feature but one I did not know existed.  Apparently, Facebook has  its own version of the right to be forgotten.  If you want to limit the audience for old posts on your profile, you can choose “Limit the Audience of Past Posts” on your settings page. I was unable to find this on my settings page so hopefully the new update make it easier to locate.

Tag Locations in Posts – The mobile Places feature is going away. You can now share your location as part of any Facebook post, even if you’re not doing it from a smartphone.  For kids under 18, this feature is turned off by default.

Hopefully, these new features make it easier for everyone to understand how they are sharing information. I especially like the ability to control tagging of pictures.  The limiting audience is also a great feature but kids should still remember information can be copied and forwarded to a wider audience.  So remind your kid to watch for these controls, take the tour  and let me know what you think.


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