An Unlimited Texting Vacation

Last weekend, we all piled in the car and headed up to Canada. We had bikes on the roof, a cooler in the back, passports in the front seat and our dog beside us. What we forgot – – roaming charges.  As soon as we crossed the border, our phones announced that unlimited texting was over.    

Yes, we lived through 3 days without texting. My phone had no wireless service so we were also without internet. During our weekend in Canada, we were completely out of touch. We received no updates from friends and family.  We read a paper for news and looked in a phone book for a restaurant. I am happy to report we all survived.   Although our daughter’s cellphone was out and her thumbs in ready position as soon as we passed under the Peace Arch. 

During our stay in Whistler, we never stopped moving. We rode, hiked, paddled, swam,and climbed. Surrounded by memories of the 2010 Olympics, we secretly hoped all of this activity would inspire our kids.  But based on this video, our daughter may already be training for a World Championship.