Download your Facebook Digital Profile

Curious what information Facebook has about you?  With a few clicks, you can download your Facebook data.  Facebook will send you the data in a zip file containing your profile information, wall posts, photos, videos, friend list, messages, and comments.   The file does not include your friends’ posts or online chat conversations. 
To download a copy of your Facebook data, go to Account Setting and choose, “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.  Usually within a few hours, Facebook sends an email notifying you the download is ready.  After clicking on the link in the e-mail, enter your Facebook password and begin downloading the zip file. 
On average, I probably post on Facebook once a month.  I only remember posting a handful of pictures and sending a few messages to high school friends.  I thought my Facebook digital profile would be pretty sparse.  But when I saw everything in my file — all my pictures, comments, messages — it was a lot of information.  Even if you and your kid are infrequent Facebook users, download your file.  It may surprise you.