I Posted What? – What to do when it all goes wrong

I was typing quickly, working on my Thursday post, when it happened.  Somehow in my rapid clicking, I accidentally hit the publish button.  Gone.  In an instant what was nothing more than incomplete sentences, bad spelling, and disjointed thoughts was automatically sent to subscribers, posted on Twitter and launched on to KidsPrivacy. There was no way to bring it back in.

Accidents happen but on the internet there are no do overs.  If your kid comes to you telling you they accidentally posted something, first remember it can happen to anyone, then, take a deep breath and start by:

Removing original source material

If your kid made the mistake, they can quickly remove the post.  This cannot completely undo the damage but can stop the flow of information.  If they discovered something someone else posted, they should ask them to remove the post or picture.

Sending out an explanation

Unfortunately, even if the original post is removed, the post may have been downloaded or read.  Depending on the nature of the material, an explanation or apology to a friend list or an individual should be sent.

Burying it

Kids should check and see how easy they can find the content.  Try googling it and see if the unwanted content is appearing on a search engine. If so, kids can try to bury it.  By posting positive content, kids may be able to move the information off the first page. Thankfully, most people only skim through the first page results on search engines.

Need more information?  Reputation.com and Commonsense Media have great resources for how to deal with inappropriate content.