Keep the THINK in Facebook’s New Apps

As websites create more buttons and link together, sharing becomes easier and easier. With new frictionless apps, Facebook makes sharing effortless. These apps directly post all app activity on to Facebook’s Timeline, Ticker and sometimes on the Newsfeed. These apps transform STOP-THINK-CLICK to STOP-CLICK-SHARE.

Facebook’s frictionless apps are different from regular Facebook apps. Once authorized, these new apps share all app activity automatically and instantaneously. All the articles kids read, music they listen to, tickets they buy, or shows they watch can be shared without clicking a button. Currently, Facebook has 81 frictionless apps with more on the way. Some of the more well-known apps include Spotify, Good Reads, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Hulu, Ticketmaster and The Washington Post.

Sharing what someone watches, reads or listens to may seem like no big deal. But, for kids removing the time to think is a big deal. Kids may read or listen to something for a variety of reasons. Whether a kid listens to a song for 30 seconds and hates it or listens to the entire thing and loves it, the song is shared the same. On the internet where simple posts can take on exaggerated meaning, kids need to think about what they share and what it reveals about them.

If kids decide they want the app but not the automatic sharing, they have two options. Thankfully, a few apps allow users to deactivate the automatic sharing. For example, Spotify will allow people to choose “private listening.” If an app does not have an opt out, kids can choose to share with “only me”. Activity will only be seen by them on their Timeline. If they do choose to share with a wider audience, they can later remove the activity from their Timeline. However, this activity will still have been shared on the Ticker and Newsfeed. When it comes to automatic sharing, kids should keep the THINK in STOP-THINK-CLICK.