What is Twitter?

My friends, if they are on a social network, are on Facebook. When I talk with parents, most have little interest in being on Twitter. But, their kids may have a lot of interest. According to a Pew Internet Study, the amount of teens on Twitter has doubled in the last two years.


The reason they are moving – privacy.  According to the study, “(t)eens tout the ease of use and the ability to send the equivalent of a text message to a circle of friends, often a smaller one than they have on crowded Facebook accounts. They can have multiple accounts and don’t have to use their real names.” Another benefit is, unlike Facebook, their parents are not on Twitter.

Do you have a kid dying to tweet? Interested in learning more about Twitter? Check out my guide, So, what is a tweet? What Parents need to know about Twitter and the Pew Internet’s Teens migrating to Twitter — sometimes for privacy by Martha Irvine, Associated Press  Jan 30, 2012.