Need a plan for summer break? Attend Codecademy

This week I am taking a break from privacy to share our plans for the summer. When the sun shines, we will be outside swimming, hiking or biking. During our frequent rainy days, I try to sneak in a little education. This summer, we will be attending Codecademy.

Codecademy has free online lessons on computer programming. Many schools are rethinking their digital curriculum and asking if all kids should learn some computer programming in school? The arguments range from “I would no more urge everyone to learn programming than I would urge everyone to learn plumbing” to “[programming is] essential if schoolchildren are to understand the networked world in which they are growing up.”

I do think kids should learn some basic programming. In school, we learned some simple programs in BASIC. Although BASIC and FORTRAN are long gone from my resume, I still remember how to talk to a computer. My kids may know about “griefing” or “tl;dr” but they have no idea what is a bit or a byte. With technology shaping how we interact with the world, a little understanding of how it all works is essential.

So instead of building another fort in Minecraft, we signed up for Codecademy.

We began with JavaScript. To make it more interesting, I challenged my eldest to an app-off. Both she and I are going to complete the lessons then try to build a simple app. Nonparticipating family members will judge our efforts. Right now, I am leading the way.  But, with a rainy June and no school, she is quickly catching up. Hopefully, I will be posting our results in September.

Interested in joining the Summer of Coding? Check out Codecademy and for younger kids MIT developed Scratch.


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  1. Thanks for the info. I am a programming student and always looking for resources to explore. I have never heard of Codeacademy and look forward to checking it out. Have a good summer.

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