Eating Turkey and Talking about Privacy

After our family has devoured the turkey and caught up on family gossip, our conversation usually turns to current events. So tomorrow while eating pumpkin pie, I am sure someone will bring up General Petraeus. This scandal has it all, a story line resembling an episode of Dynasty plus a compelling subplot on the nature of privacy in an online world.

The subplot is what keeps me reading every article. It is hard to believe our highest intelligence officer was undone by email, an IP address and a hotel guest listKashmir Hill, who writes about privacy and technology issues for Forbes, explains how the FBI did this in “General Petraeus’ Digital Trail”. In this video, she goes step by step through the online connections that led to a real life affair and what this says about online privacy.

So tomorrow once the turkey is in the oven, take some time to prepare your Thanksgiving analysis of the Petraeus affair by watching the video below. It will give you lots of great insights for a lively discussion. Happy Thanksgiving!

General Petreus’ Digital Trail