Digital Citizenship Week: Need help kicking off the digital talk? Try a poster

pause think posterWith teens spending on average 6 hours online  every day, their digital life is as significant as their real life. They need parents to show them how to be safe and true to themselves even in the digital realm. So, it is important to have the digital talk. Last week, I wrote about how sharing a real world example is a great way to show them how to stay safe and share smart online. If you don’t have time for a story, another way to grab your kid’s attention is a poster. Hang one of these up beside the family calendar or on the refrigerator. Hopefully, they will ask about it and you can kick off your digital talk. Even if they don’t, they will still see it and will learn something while grabbing a snack.

For Digital Citizenship Week (Oct 21-25) — print out a poster, stick it up and see what happens.   

i am a digital citizen

commonsense poster

insafe poster

Remember, it is not always don’ts. This poster from A Platform for Good reminds kids and teens to use technology for good.

Are Millennials Using Technology for Good?