Celebrate Earth Day with these 5 Apps

earthHappy Earth Day! Today, April 22, is Earth Day’s 45th anniversary. For 45 years, people have come together to help our planet by supporting environmental programs, cleaning up their neighborhoods or living a more sustainable lifestyle. This year, I have 5 earth-friendly apps to celebrate Earth Day. Download these apps today to discover how to transform a water bottle into a piece of art, learn more about the environment or make healthier food choices.

recyclecreateRecycle and Create.

If you have a creative kid at home, they may want to try  Recycle and Create. This app’s purpose is to encourage people to reuse and recycle materials by making them into decorative and everyday objects. The app is simple. It is full of videos with step-by-step instructions on how to turn plastic water bottles into garden art or transform an old pair of jeans into a bag. Spend this Earth Day changing trash to treasurers.


Not crafty. Test your knowledge of our planet by taking the GeoQuiz challenge. Players can choose from 11 different categories ranging from “Countries and Flags” to “Food.” Each round is 20 questions and the scores are based on the number of correct answers and speed. If you have Trivia Crack addicts in your house, this app is fun alternative for Earth Day.

blue planetBlue Planet

The object of this family friendly game is to clean up the ocean. Players tilt their device to maneuver through the ocean and suck up trash, oil spills and other hazards while protecting the ecosystem. Each level adds another challenge. Blue Planet is a fun game for even the littlest family members.

wwfWWF Together

WWF Together, from the World Wildlife Fund, is a beautiful app. The pictures are gorgeous and the facts are displayed in unique formats. Unfortunately, not all the animals are available in the free version. Even so, my kids still found lots of places to explore. We did have some trouble downloading it. This app takes up a lot of space so make sure you have enough room on your device.

food score tomatoFood Score

Food Score is a handy app to take to the grocery store when trying to make healthy choices. The Environmental Working Group has scored tens of thousands of foods based on its ingredients, nutrition and processing concerns. When shopping, you can either type in the name or scan the bar code. Each food item has an easy to read score sheet. The sheet explains why a food item received its final score as well as how it ranks compared to other brands.