Highlights launches Hidden Pictures App for Digital Kids

hightlights openHighlights, the first magazine for kids, is 70 years old! Back in the day, we used to thumb through issues of Highlights while waiting in the doctor’s office. I remember we were always excited to find one where someone else had not already circled the hidden pictures.

Waiting in a doctor’s office today, children are not sitting around thumbing through Highlights. Most kids are playing games on their parent’s phone or tablet. To bring “fun with a purpose” to a new generation, Highlights is entering the digital world.

Highlights is collaborating with Fingerprint Play to create games for kids based on their timeless content. One of the first games to launch is Hidden Pictures. Hidden Pictures is the large drawing where kids have to find objects hidden within the cartoon.

This week, I took a walk down memory lane and downloaded the Hidden Picture app. My knack for finding hidden objects had not improved with age. I was really rusty and finally found the last object with only seconds to spare. Once I realized I could zoom in, my searching skills picked up speed.

highlights puzzle

Hidden Pictures works well in the digital world. Now, kids can choose 3 different ways to play. They can play the classic free play or for an added challenge choose timed where they race the clock or directed where they must find the objects in order. If they get stuck, they can pause the game and pick it up later. They can also ask for a hint. There is no penalty for hints or for incorrect guesses. Finally, if they (or you) get tired of the music, players can turn it off. In settings (the gear in the right corner), kids can turn off the sound effects. Here, they can also choose to hide the list of hidden objects.

highlights hide

This game is designed for children under 8 years old. Hidden Pictures is free on GooglePlay and iTunes. The free version only has 4 different pictures. Kids can try to extend their time by playing the same game in a different mode. If they love the game, they will want more pictures. To receive new ones each month, parents can subscribe for $2.99/month.

This is just the beginning of Highlights digital makeover. Fingerprint Play and Highlights plan on launching other apps based on classic Highlights features. These apps will include ways for kids to create their own content and submit stories, art and ideas to highlights, same as the magazine. If your kids like this app, there are more coming.